Henry had two lots of spinal surgery following problems with a disc in his lumbar spine. The surgery helped his pain but still left him not using his right hind leg and with marked muscle wastage. Henry was assesses and started on treatment. After a course of physiotherapy treatment and his owners following his specific exercise program at home he is now a fully functional and normal happy dog.

Letter from henry’s owners Meg and Dan


Thank you very much for your treatment of our dog Henry. If you remember he was unable or not prepared to use his rear right leg when your treatment started, after the second operation on his spine to relieve pressure on a nerve. As you can see from the enclosed vieos he now has full use of his leg with little limping evident and there is muscle build up evident.

Henry is very grateful for your treatment and guidance in returning him to his cheerful and outgoing self. He is a completely different dog.

Thank you very much,

Meg, Dan and Henry"

Before Treatment After Treatment


Inka was a playful puppy until she developed a shoulder problem. She had an operation and injection to her shoulder by the vets. Following surgery she had a course of physiotherapy treatment involving mobilisation, electrotherapy and a specific exercise program. She responded very well to treatment and with careful rehabilitation is now a vet happy Labrador again.

Letter from Inka’s owner Lynn

Dear Mel

Thanks to the physio on Inka’s shoulder she is now walking for two hours with no stiffness or soreness, and knowing how lame she was before we have turned the corner with no looking back. We really can't thank you enough, with your dedication (and showing us how to do the exercises between visits) we now a very happy puppy who can do things puppy do. We will keep you updated, but I am sure it is all going to be good news.

Thanks again


Inka Post Treatment


My cat Smudge was diagnosed with a severe muscle injury after being found lying in the garden one morning. 

After several x-rays and an MRI scan my vet referred him for physio with Mel.  I was at first dubious that a cat would tolerate this but he loved it.

Mel used various techniques and the difference after the first session was remarkable.

After several weeks of being unable to walk more than a few steps at a time, Smudge went from strength to strength in just 3 weeks of physiotherapy.  Mel gave me some simple exercises to do with Smudge during the time between appointments which made me feel that I was doing something to make him better too. 

As you can see from the photo Smudge tolerated the physio sessions well and enjoyed the fuss and attention.

Smudge is now back to full health and back to chasing squirrels round the garden, mostly (in my opinion) thanks to Mel.

Smudge during and after treatment


Archie is a 2 year old English Springer Spaniel, who slipped and fell badly in the snow in January 2009, leaving him uncomfortable and with a limp. After X-rays and checks from our own vet, they found that he seemed to have lost a large amount of muscle mass in his left leg and we were referred to Dovecote for further investigation. An MRI Scan showed that Archie had damaged his sciatic nerve along his back and down into his left leg. Physio and Acupuncture was prescribed

Weekly visits to the new hospital for physio greatly improved Archie’s mobility and reduced his discomfort. When the sessions first started, Archie had been pretty depressed and quiet for a month or two. Mel took this on board and her skills and easy going manner ensured that Archie was always completely relaxed (with lots of tail wagging) and so got the full benefit from the treatment (massage, stretching, ultrasound). Archie also responded really well to the acupuncture sessions that he had after each physio session.

It always helps if the veterinary staff and physiotherapists are good with the owners as well as with the animal. From a personal perspective Mel gave me lots of re-assurance, answered all my questions and stopped me worrying so much. She also taught me some exercises that I could do with Archie at home – this had a huge impact on the speed of his recovery. Although it has taken maybe 6 months from initial investigations with my own vet through to Archie finally being fit and healthy again, once we started the physio the changes in him were quickly visible and it was good to see him back to his old bouncy, happy self again so soon.

He is now fully recovered from the sciatic nerve damage and is just like a Springer Spaniel should be - mad and full of fun.

Archie After Treatment


Thank you for your letter.  Mia, our bengal cat, is very well thank you.  She walks perfectly now, and has been doing so ever since her short course of physiotherapy with you.

We had started to think that she would never walk properly again after her accident, as time was passing by, and she just would not put her back leg that she had injured, down on to the floor.  We had never heard of cats or dogs having physiotherapy but we were prepared to give it a try. It was well worth it as she began to respond from the start, slowly at first - and then success!

We cannot thank you enough because all we wanted was to see Mia 'normal' again, as she is only a young cat and the thought of her 'hopping along' for the rest of her life was awful.  Most other animal owners that we had spoken to about the physiotherapy, either had not heard of it or thought it 'unusual', but of course their views immediately changed when they saw Mia 'charging around' and back to normal.

Mia goes out to play most days in the garden, she runns up and down the trees, chases other cats etc, generally tears about like a maniac - something which we thought last christmas,we would never see her do again!

I never took any photos of Mia when she was 'poorly' but I have attached a photo of her anyway - it might not be any use to you as I can't find one of her actually standing up!  It's just a nice picture of her, I couldn't resist sending it!

Many thanks for all your help with Mia and to all at Dovecote for putting us in the right direction.